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Car Shampoo

  • Foam 3 Concentrate - used as a pre-foam for automatic car wash machines where extra-thick foam Car Shampoo is required.
  • Blue - A low cost detergent Car Shampoo system designed for handwash and automatic car wash machines.
  • Green - A medium cost detergent Car Shampoo system designed for handwash and automatic car wash machines.
  • Hi Foam (Pink) - For use in automatic car wash machines and handwash where hi-foam Car Shampoo is required.
  • Wash 'n Wax (Pearly Blue) - For the simultaneous cleaning and waxing of car surfaces.

Car Polish

  • A1 Polishing Paste - Removes coarse scratches, blemishes, contamination & orange-peel effect on paint.
  • Claybar (Surface Prep)200g - Pre-wax cleaner & prep. Removes surface contamination and industrial fall-out. Truly smooths and cleans without scratching.
  • Chrome Car Polish - removes blueing and unsightly discoloration on chrome and stainless exhausts and all exposed metals.
  • Metal Polish - A multi purpose Car Polish for Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Chrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel & Zinc. Not for use on precious metals or plate.
  • Wax Paste Car Polish - A wax paste car polish for application by hand, contains waxes, silicones and mild abrasives.
  • Dura-wax protective coat (Polymer glaze) - Dura Glaze is a high-quality glazing system for all types of automotive finishes including clear coats and water-based paints.
  • Medium cut - For the polishing and protection of all automotive finishes (including metalic).
  • High-cut - The High-cut contains slightly more abrasive than the Medium-cut Car Polish to provide a little extra abrasive action for the polishing of older and more oxidised paint.
  • Burnishing Compound - High level of abrasiveness for better scratch and dead paint removal.

Car Interior

  • Dashboard Polish - Milky Liquid for the polishing and protection of all interior and exterior plastic parts, including rubber trims, bumpers, panels and dashboards.
  • Dashboard Polish - Thick - This product is the thick version of the dashboard polish.
  • Perfumes(Cherry,Lavander, Floral,Lemon) - The product provides a pleasant fragrance to the interior of the vehicle after the cleaning process is completed.
  • Leather Conditioner - Orange or white cream - A light orange cream with a pleasant fragrance. It contains a blend of lanolin oils.
  • Quick Dry Upholstery & Carpet Shampoo - Specially formulated for the cleaning of carpets, and fabric upholstery.
  • Window Cleaner - For the effective cleaning of glass surfaces, both automotive and normal float glass in or around the home. The product easily removes all grease, oil and road film, to leave a clean streak-free surface. This product is very low-foaming.

Car Exterior

  • Auto Tyre Shine - This product is developed for giving the best of both - High shine with dust repellancy. This is a silicone based product with dust repellants.
  • Bumper Black - For the treatment and revival of black bumpers
  • Chassis Black / Tyre paint (Water Based) - For the painting of under-bodies of vehicles or onto tyres for a matt black finish.
  • Concentrated cleaner & Degreaser - Can be used for cleaning and decreasing a multitude of surfaces
  • Engine Cleaner (Solvent based) - For removing all oil, tar and grease from engines and all other soiled items, or painted surfaces.
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser & Engine Cleaner (water based) - A heavy-duty ,highly concentrated degreaser & cleaner.
  • Machine Wax - For applying a film of wax onto a cars surface in automatic car wash machines.
  • Silicone Sheen - Clear (Engine & Exterior) - For the polishing and protection of all exterior plastic components of a vehicle, ie rubber window trims, plastic door panels, ABS bumpers, rubber engine hoses, front grills etc.
  • Tar Remover - For the removal of tar and oil based stains from all types of automotive paint finishes. (including metallic colours) This product must be used neat with a soft cloth, applied to the stain and gently buffed until the stain is dissolved.The product will not damage any automotive finish. It contains no acetate thinners nor acetone.
  • Tyre Gel - A purple or black gel,developed to give shine to tyres and black bumpers, with the additional benefit of buffing the product after drying for more shine.
  • Tyre Shine (Milky white) - It is simply applied onto the tyre with a cloth or brush and left to dry. Used neat it gives an attractive "sheen" to the tyre. It can be diluted with water if necessary to give less shine.

Industrial Cleaning Polish and Shampoo Range

  • Alubrite - for Aluminium & Stainless Steel - A product specially formulated for the removal of oxides and brightening of aluminium.
  • Anti freeze - Antifreeze and summer coolant with corrosion inhibitors that protect your engine.
  • Brick Cleaner - A blend of solvents and surfactants, combined to give bricks and paving the ultimate clean.
  • Hand Cleaner - Grit - A gel / paste hand cleaner that contains specially selected abrasives that are soft on the hands, yet remove grease and grime easily.
  • Heavy Duty Degreaser & Engine Cleaner (water based) - A heavy-duty, highly concentrated degreaser & cleaner.
  • Rust Remover - A rust remover that contains corrosion inhibitors protecting metal from acidic PH.
  • Specialised Degreaser - A degreaser, specially developed with some of the best raw materials on offer. Developed to clean and degrease on low dilution ratios
  • Window De-Scale Acid - Descaling of wash bay windows, or windows where hard water stains are visible.

Household Cleaning and Contract Cleaning Range

  • Bleach - A concentrated liquid chlorine bleach.
  • Dispenser Hand Soap Pink - Is a hand cleaner formulated for use in dispenser units.
  • Dri-Brite Floor Shine - Dri-Brite is acrylic polymer and resin sealer for vinyl, concrete & tile surfaces to provide a durable shine.
  • Drain Cleaner - A high PH caustic drain cleaner.
  • Fabric Softner - Concentrated fabric softner, that softens fabric, improves iron glide and does not cause yellow discolouration.
  • Floor Stripper - Formulated for stripping floors treated with Dribrite floor sealer
  • Hard Surface Cleaner (Handy Andy Type) - An abrasive cleaner used on stainless steel & ceramic materials, baths, basins & all hard surfaces.
  • Laundry Liquid - For all fibres with Anti-static behaviour and improved surfactant solublility.
  • Mop & Shine - A liquid detergent formulated with special waxes to aid in shine and give non-slip characteristics.
  • Pine Gel - A disinfectant cleaner based on pine oil which is a great natural disinfectant.
  • Toilet bowl Cleaner - Used in urinals and toilets where stains are present.
  • Washing Powder - Economical concentrated and high foaming
  • Wash-up Liquid (Sunlight type) - Concentrated washing-up liquid detergent.

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